Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing the right questions to ask is an important skill, especially when choosing your security. Below, you’ll find a selection of the most common security questions we receive. If your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Common Security Questions Answered

What type of people or businesses do you provide security for?

Guardian Force Protection Group has a wide range of security services that will fit your needs in most fields. Every new client is assessed so that our security and related services are a good fit for you. We will work with you anywhere in Canada to fit a custom solution for your business.

Where in Canada do you provide security services for?

We are proud to service Canada-wide, mainly supporting BC and the lower mainland; but also Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Please contact us to inquire if we cover your Canadian city.

What are Guardian Force Protection Group’s rates for professional security services?

Each client is different, and each deserves a custom security solution that works for them. We are committed to providing a highly customized level of service, and our rates are devised competitively based on the unique needs of our clients.

Why should I work with Guardian Force Protection Group?

Guardian Force Protection Group is one of Canada’s fastest growing provider of professional security services. From just one employee, we have grown to offer our services across Canada,servicing with many diverse clients in a wide variety of fields.

How does Guardian Force Protection Group give back to the community?

We believe security companies have a social responsibility to help out and be part of the communities that they serve. We are proud to partner with, and donate to, organizations like the BC Cancer Foundation.

What is Risk Assessment?

A security site assessment, or physical risk assessment is an evaluation conducted by a security professional that includes an inventory of the assets to be protected, alongside actionable recommendations on how best to protect them.

Private Investigator Questions Answered

Why hire a Private Investigator?

There has been a progressive shift in the direction of Law Enforcement and Investigations, especially over the last 3 years. Such items such as Law Enforcement budgets being cut and  Officers leaving due to the change in department policies have left many departments understaffed and with increasingly limited capabilities for investigative work. This translates to less officers and less time spent on criminal investigations; and even less spent on property or civil investigations. This is where hiring a PI to do that work for you will ensure that an exhaustive and objective investigation is conducted until the job is done.

How much does a Private Investigator cost?

It varies from case to case based on duration, complexity, surveillance time required and the location of the investigation. Feel free to contact us and request a cost for your investigation needs.

How do I hire a Private Investigator?

When you contact the Guardian Force Protection Group Private Investigator team, we will discuss your investigation needs and give a preliminary quote as each client has unique requirements and no two clients are alike. If you decide to hire our PI team a contract outlining the requested investigative services and timelines will be created and the investigation will begin.

What If I have been charged criminally, can I still hire a Private Investigator to conduct my own criminal defense investigation?

Yes, Private Investigators conduct unbiased investigations alongside, as well as parallel to Law Enforcement on a regular basis. If you require a criminal defense investigation, The Guardian Force Protection Group is here to help you..

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