Agricultural Protest & Activism Surveillance , & Slaughter House Services

Over the past 12 years, farm activism incidents and agricultural protests have increased exponentially with more aggressive tactics from animal rights activists. These incidents have become more violent and have become a priority point of concern for many farmers and agricultural property owners.

Guardian Force Protection Group has extensive experience and specializes in providing security program assessments to counter damage caused by protestors; allowing owners to stay open, minimizing logistical operations disruptions. All the while keeping property, assets, production resources, and farm staff safe.

Guardian Force Protection Group has specialized guards with de-escalation skills and will coordinate with local law enforcement. Our guards are prepared to mobilize and provide security and surveillance services on short notice.

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” 14 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Farm “

Strikes / Protests / Wildcat strikes

Guardian Force Protection Group can minimize any losses caused by a labour dispute by providing skilled, experienced strike security guards. We provide surveillance and and tactical security during a strike or lockout.

Most customers don’t realize the need for proactive strategies to limit access control before a strike happens to protect their property and resources.

Guardian Force Protection Group will assess and create a strike contingency plan before crisis strikes so you have some leverage during negotiations, we can provide proactive customized security consulting services.

Download our guide
” 14 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Farm “

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