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Keep sticky fingers away from your retail goods.
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Guardian Force International Protection Group Inc: Keeping BC and the Lower Mainland Safe

It’s comforting to know someone is looking out for your safety and well-being. Guardian Force International Protection Group is a multifaceted security company that has BC's Lower Mainland covered with a range of guard protection consulting services. We are tireless in our dedication to your safety, so you can sleep easy knowing your home and business is in good hands.

Meet Licensed Consultant and Owner — Jim

Owner Jim is an International IFPO Certified Protection Officer and licensed consultant, with more than 27 years of experience. He leads a highly trained and disciplined team, able to provide everything from personal VIP protection to retails loss prevention.

We can assess your current security to ensure you are receiving dependable service. A few of the specialized consulting services we offer include:

Honesty Shopping: We'll consult with you to ensure your employees are properly representing your business (i.e. no stealing, underselling, tag switching).

Concierge: Our bonus two-for-one consulting service for hotels and condos in a bind.

Property Management: We can consult with you to ensure your area is secure, your units are monitored and your parking lots are safe from vandalism and theft.

Our goal in the end is to make sure you have the best security service available. We can assist you in any way you need, and will always come when you call us.
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